Hidden Secrets You must see in Tarragona!


Tarragona is known for being an important  portuary city that lays in the mediterranean sea in the region of Catalonia. It has a unique Roman Heritage filled with ruins of the fallen empire. I let you a list of what you can see when you visited it for the first time:

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Tarragona Hidden Secrets

The Devil's Bridge: Is an old aqueduct constructed by the Romans in the first century.

Roman Amphitheater: It was constructed in the second century and three types of entertainment used to take place here.

Roman Circus: Constructed by the end of the first century it used to receive 25 thousand people, see the ruins of it at Tarragona.

Petrori Tower: An ancient tower where the Romans and the tarragonian kings used to rule.

Mediterranean Viewpoint: The perfect place to take photos of the mediterranean sea.

Rambla Nova: The principal and most beautiful avenue in Tarragona

Xiquets Monument: Located in the middle of the Rambla Nova, you can see a monument dedicated to the Human Castells.

The Cathedral of Tarragona: Built over an ancient roman temple. This church was declared a national monument of Catalonia in 1905

La pineda beach: A beautiful beach of the Costa Dorada that you must visit because of its calm tides and golden sand.

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